Developer’s Preface

Developer’s Preface

Hi Guys,

This is Vikram from Bengaluru. I am a software developer by profession. In the year 2018, I needed money to complete my esteem dream project. I have tried pillar to post to get the required money by approaching to my close friends, relatives and even financial establishments but in vain. One day I came across with one help providing website from Europe. I studied the concept and thought of developing a software which will suit to an Indian citizen.

Finally, I have developed a software which provides a unique platform to the persons who need financial help and the persons who are ready to provide financial help without entangling themselves into the clutches of the Indian Act.

On website, whoever is joining does not have any compulsion to enrol a specific number of members. An individual can register himself on this website exclusively for providing financial help if he/she is not interested in obtaining help no need to introduce anybody. If a person wants a small amount of financial help, it can be obtained by introducing a single person. If more and fast financial help is required, the individual can directly introduce 20 needy person after completing his first four Forms.

By developing this software, I am also getting the financial help, therefore don’t be afraid. The concept is pretty clear, transparent and does not fall into the purview of crowd funding/networking/ M.L.M etc. You are aware and have the full name, address, bank details of the person to whom you are financially helping; therefore, this concept and website are continuously going to run.

Thank you and all the best !!!!!!!

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