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www.dohelpme.org is a non-profit making organisation came into existence to help those needy Indian citizen who are badly suffering due to  the going CORONA VIRUS menace.


You all are well aware that, for the last few months, the entire world  has been in lockdown due to Corona virus. Everyone around the world is forced to remain locked in their homes to avoid the outbreak of corona. The Government of India receive huge amounts money through direct and indirect taxes from the Indian citizens, but this lock-down is not able to accumulate funds in the government coffers, but huge amounts are being spent by the Governments to prevent the outbreak of Corona virus in our country , due to which the government coffers are being emptied day by day.

Same applies to citizens, because of lock down there is no source of income but  to fulfil family day to day requirements individuals are forced to spend from their reserve kitties  and if corona virus menace continues for long time the reserve kitty may get empty.  And in future it is likely that many people may lose their job and it will be very difficult for them to fulfil their families essential  requirements of food , clothing, children education , medical expenses etc. The prime objective of www.dohelpme.org  website is to bring all those needy person on common platform , to fulfil their requirements thus help them to survive life better than yesterday.

Also helps to grow National spirit and sense of responsibility amongst the member of Do Help Me towards Nation by making Rs.1000/- voluntary donations to PM CARES FUND ,  NATIONAL DEFENCE FUND , CHIEF MINISTER’S RELIEF FUND , POLICE WELFARE FUND (respective state ) from the help they get from this website for every Help of Rs.50,000/-.

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