Instructions & Terms and Conditions

Instructions & Terms and conditions

  • DOHELPME website has simply provided a Nobel common platform to users, who are in need of help and who are voluntarily willing to provide help.DOHELPME website or its  representative does not interact directly  or indirectly with anybody to encourage any individual for joining in  the THEME or providing help.
  • DOHELPME website or its representatives does not accept money directly  from its registered  or unregistered members for joining or providing any help.
  • DOHELPME website does not charge a single penny for registration or any other services provided to registered or unregistered users.
  • Video relating to our THEME about how to get help from friends and unknown people is displayed on our website, all registered users are supposed to adhere same theme visualised in video. Nobody is allowed to make different promotional videos if found doing so his DHM Registered Code will be blocked permanently.
  • All registered members are requested not to deviate from the theme of DOHELPME for obtaining help. Do not compel, lure, induce or give false promises to person from whom you are seeking help. If anybody is caught  while adopting these tactics  DOHELPME website  will  not  be responsible,  said individual alone will be held responsible for that act.
  • There are thousands and lakhs of people in society who are in need of help but due to their illiteracy may hand over Rs.3200/- cash to his sponsor, thereafter there is a possibility of getting being cheated ,in such circumstances DOHELPME website does not take any responsibility.
  • The person who is interested to join DHM theme and voluntarily willing to provide help of Rs.1000/- each to 3 person will receive Form from his Sponsor which will bear the names and addresses of those 3 persons to whom Rs.1000/- each money orders are to be sent. Said Form will also contain the bank account details of NATIONAL DEFENCE FUND for donating Rs.50/-  by way of depositing in bank.Individuals are advised ,they should personally  go to post office and get the money order done. Individual himself can scan the 4 receipts, fill up money order PNR Numbers  and upload the Form from his own DHM registered ID. Same procedure can be done by Sponsor also if money orders and bank receipt is shared to him. If this simple procedure is followed meticulously there won’t be any question of getting being cheated.
  • The account details of NATIONAL  DEFENCE FUND  is as follows –


Account No.-  11084239799.  PAN  CARD  No  –  AAAGN0009F.

  • In case the interested person does not have sponsor’s DHM code while sign up / Registration website will automatically provide sponsor code. Thereafter tutorial video on website will guide about further procedure needs to be followed.
  • The DHM registered user will receive 4 FORMS – 1,2,3 and 4 after providing initial help of Rs.1000/- each to three persons and gets an opportunity to introduce 4 needy persons in the THEME. The said task has to be completed in 60 days. Each Form can be downloaded only once. In case of any difficulty pertaining to Form individuals are advised to communicate support system by sending SMS.
  • In the beginning only Form No.1,2 & 3 can be accessed, access for Form No.4 is denied till  Form No. 1 to 3 are submitted. One can start receiving the help by submitting any one Form from 1 to 3.  All the four Forms are to be submitted within 60 days.On the request of individual 10 days grace period may be granted.
  • Individual recovers Rs.3000/- only when his 4th Form is submitted , but  starts receiving  help by submitting  single Form.  It is sole responsibility of individual to recover his money.  Do help me website or it’s representatives are not responsible in case not recovered.
  • It is solely the discretion of the DHM website to block permanently or allot INACTIVE ID’s to others  in the system after completion of 60 days.
  • As per the laid down provisions of Indian income tax, individual can accept gift / donations / help etc. up to Rs.50,000/-. The amount received above Rs.50,000/- will be considered as an income and is taxable depending upon individuals income slab. Therefore it is sole responsibility of individuals who are receiving help to pay Income tax in time, if failed to comply the provisions of Income Tax DOHELPME website does not bear any responsibility.
  • Once the first help amount of Rs.50,000/- is received , to receive further help individual has to compulsorily contribute Rs.1000/- for every Rs.50,000/- in given sequence  for following Nobel causes-   1) NATIONAL DEFENCE FUND

2) Prime minister’s relief Fund

3) Chief minister’s relief fund (state which individual belongs to )

4) State police welfare fund (respective state).

16)  Individuals are requested to provide separate email Id and mobile number for each DHM

Registration  Code.




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