08 March, 2019




Brothers and sisters ,


Our country of 135 Crore population almost 95% of the population are in need of money to fulfil their important needs, but for some or the other reason they are not able to get them.


Due to that :-


  • Someone is unable to fulfil their daily needs.
  • Someone is unable to provide medical treatment to their parents or family members.
  • Not able to spent sufficient money on self or children for higher education.
  • Not able to start his own business.
  • Not able to get rid of their debt.




What if I can tell you that we can unite our country mates who are divided into different religions, caste, language and regions ?


What if I can tell you that we are capable of helping one another by forgetting our differences and coming together to solve all of our acute financial problems ?


What if I can tell you that by helping each other, you can also help our Indian Armed Forces soldiers their  families and  dependents ?


You can make it all possible by joining the DO HELP ME Platform. You might be aware the Hindi proverb i.e. “ KAR BHALA TO HO BHALA “and English proverb “ HELP OTHERS TO HELP YOURSELF “ based on this principle the DO HELP ME theme works.


First let me be clear, This is not an MLM , Investment or Networking plan. You do not have  to purchase any product and nor do you have to sell any product.


The concept of DHM is very simple. You help Rs.1000/-  each by  way  of money order to three unknown people ,  and deposit Rs.50/-  in the “NATIONAL  DEFENCE FUND”  account  and enter the DHM platform as a registered help  provider. When you introduce four needy persons like  you to the DHM family, you will start receiving financial help from others due to unique DO HELP ME theme. You will not only be able to help each other, but also every help received will also help the country by donating Rs.1000/- one Fund at a time to the NATIONAL  DEFENCE FUND  maintained by the Govt. of India , PRIME MINISTER’S RELIEF FUND , CHIEF  MINISTER’S  RELIEF FUND and  POLICE WELFARE FUND for every help of Rs.50,000/-.




The basic requirement for joining on Do Help Me platform is –


  • Individual should be above 18 years old
  • should have authentic residence and identity proof.
  • Permanent mobile number , e mail id.
  • And finally Rs.3200/-.

The soul of DO HELP ME theme is whoever wants to join in this DHM theme should have desire and financial ability of Rs.3200/-  and first he should   be willing to provide help of Rs.1000/- each to 3 known or unknown persons by way of sending money order of Rs.1000/- to them. The postal charge for 3 money orders would be Rs.150/-.  Now remaining Rs.50/-  has to be deposited in the bank account of “NATIONAL DEFENCE FUND“. Donations are being collected in said fund by Government to provide help  to  our  Indian  armed  forces  soldiers ,  their  families  and  dependents.

Once the decision of  joining in the theme has been made , individual can register his name free of cost on website.The registration process can either be done by individual by obtaining his Sponsor’s DHM Code or by  providing his personal details to his Sponsor.  If individual is not  having the sponsor’s DHM Code then click GET DHM CODE option on the registration page , website will provide random DHM Code from the system. After successfully completing the registration process individual  will receive SMS on his registered mobile number.

After registration process is completed by the newly registered DHM code , to know the names and Addresses of those 3 needy persons to whom he has to provide help  individual has to click on UPDATE PNR botton on Dashboard . After clicking UPDATE PNR  button new page will open , click on SPONSOR FORM button a form will get downloaded. By referring  names and addresses from the downloaded form individual has to send Rs.1000/- money order to 3 persons and deposit Rs.50 /- in the bank account of National Defence Fund . “NATIONAL DEFENCE FUND “ account details are printed on every Form on SL No.0. The account details of  NATIONAL  DEFENCE FUND  is :-




Account No.-  11084239799.  PAN  CARD  No  –  AAAGN0009F.

If your sponsor has written your name on his Form No.1 then you have to send money order of Rs.1000/- each to three peoples whose names and addresses will be at serial number 2,3,4 on that form. If your name is written on sponsor’s Form No.2 then SL No.5,6,7 if on Form No. 3 then SL No. 8,9,10 or if on Form No. 4, then money order of Rs.3000/- will go to your sponsor. The Form containing 10 names is accessible to sponsor only.

The process of money order and PNR updates can be done by sponsor also if same is provided to him. After money order’s PNR verification by the system 4 Forms will be generated in your DHM Code. Your name will appear at serial number 1 on those four forms.




After getting four forms in individuals DHM ID he/she  gets an opportunity to introduce  four needy persons like him in the system and on those 4 Forms his name will appear at Level – 1. When said individual introduces 4th person by using his 4th Form,the newly introduced person will send Rs.3000/- money order to said individual. That means from Level – 1 said individual will get help of Rs.3000/-. The newly introduced 4 persons has to adopt same process of joining 4 needy person below them. When the newly introduced 4 person introduces 4 persons each below them the individual name will appear on 16 Forms and will get help of Rs.4000/- from Level -2. When those 16 person introduces 4 person each below them the individual will get help of Rs.16,000/- from Level -3.In this way, if every individual who is in the system introduces 4 needy persons from Level – 1 to  Level – 10 then  one can expect  a total help of Rs. 34,95,27,000 / – (Thirty Four Crore, ninety five lakh twenty seven thousand  Rupees) from the system.


Let’s know how?


STAGE 1-             3 X 1000 = Rs 3000

STAGE 2-             4 X 1000 = Rs 4000

STAGE 3 –          16 X 1000 = Rs 16,000

STAGE 4 –          64 X 1000 = Rs 64,000

STAGE 5 –        256 X 1000 = Rs 2,56,000

STAGE 6 –      1024 X 1000 = Rs 10,24,000

STAGE 7 –      4096 X 1000 = Rs 40,96,000

STAGE 8 –    16384 X 1000 = Rs 1,63,84,000

STAGE 9 –     65536 X 1000 = Rs 6,55,36,000

STAGE 10 – 262144 X 1000 = Rs 26,21,44,000

TOTAL  HELP OF    = Rs 34,95,27,000 /- ( Thirty Four Crore, ninety five lakh  twenty seven thousand Rupees).


If any person in the Do Help Me theme required huge amount of help in shortest possible time in that case said individual can introduce another 8 persons below him at Level – 1 after submission of his 4 regular Forms. Said individual will get Rs.3000/- help from each person introduced after 4th Form. That means said individual total team members at Level – 1 will be 12 and he will  receive help from 12 person.

Isn’t it amazing  !   how helping others allows you help yourself and also the country ?

Also, the help is  such that you will never have to return to anyone.  Isn’t it a interesting theme !!!!!




Friends , you must have heard about many MLM plans or schemes before. Nearly all of them have been closed , the reasons are  –

  • Promise of exaggerated returns on investments to lure the people for joining.
  • Offering handsome but not sustainable setting percentage to company’s top agents.
  • Huge amount of expenditure on big events and seminars in five star hotels on promotion.
  • Huge spending on foreign travels and rewards.

Due to such huge expenses, the people who had joined initially in such a PLAN or SCHEME would be benefitted. But due to the over payment and over spending’s of the company, the company cannot fulfil the given promises and finally vanishes and the people who had joined late in the scheme lose their hard earned money.

But in DO HELP ME theme –

  • There is no investment and no promise of returns by DO HELP ME website. This website is providing a good theme and common platform for its users to get the help or provide the help and in return no money is taken from anybody.
  • No event, no seminars are conducted.

Therefore, this theme of “DO HELP ME” website will not fail because out of today’s Indian population hardly  1% or 2% of the population may not require money but rest population needs money to fulfil their needs. As long as such needy and helpful people are present in the country, this theme cannot fail. And if the person who has passed the 10th level in this theme and further needs the help , then he will have to add to the theme like a new person , so this theme is going to be continuous.




So let’s join this theme of “DOHELPME” and release all the indebted people from Debt and give them financial prosperity. Let DOHELPME provide an opportunity to dream big and empower them financially to fulfil those dreams.

Let us generate National spirit and extend an opportunity to help Indian Armed Forces Soldiers, their families and dependents by initially donating Rs.50/- and thereafter Rs.1000/- to “ NATIONAL DEFENCE FUND”. And also help Indian peoples during natural calamities by making donation of Rs.1000/- to “ PRIME MINISTER RELIEF FUND”,“ CHIEF MINISTER RELIEF FUND ” (own state) , “ POLICE WELFARE FUND “ ( own state)  from the help received ( one fund at a time for every Rs.50,000/- help received ).  You also will partner in building the nation by paying income tax on help received.


II Jai Hind II



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